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22 May 2007

Summer has officially turned into hell

And I'm not talking about the heat.

I'm talking about the fact that I will be buried alive in books starting on June 3rd. I've pretty much finalized my comps lists (although, I am sure there will be PLENTY of additions later ... gotta love KK) and have just finished drawing up my reading schedule. In order to get everything read by the second week in December, I need to start reading this weekend. I plan to spend all of June, July, and August wading through the poetry and prose of the 19th Century. Come September, the 20th Century will jump all over my ass, as will the great pedagogical texts from the last twenty years. I hope to have everything read by December 15th so I can enjoy my winter holiday in relative relaxation. As soon as school starts back up, I will start reviewing all the shit I've read in the past six months. Then come comps in February. I'll defend in Late February/March-ish and then start my diss. Woo-frickin-hoo.

Long story short, all of the free time I have previously enjoyed will be evaporating in the next five days. Of course, I will do my damnedest to socialize and have fun. There is no way I'll become a hermit!! But, my socializing may be cut back dramatically. Ugh. And I thought grad school was supposed to be fun.

Of course, I completely lack discipline so I depend on my amigos to deny me when I call them to hang out and drink. Well, not every time, but only if it looks to be a problem. But, then again, Chico will be around ,and he is a damn slave driver.



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