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04 May 2007

Rae is pretty damn hardcore!

Last night was Rae's birthday celebration. Her real birthday isn't until Cinco de Mayo (which is very appropriate given her Irish/Italian heritage), but we celebrated early because the semester was over and we all wanted to go out!

The party started at Rioja! on Battlground where we enjoyed some red wine and bread. The bread had this great pesto-olive oil sauce. I was pleased.

After Rioja!, we travelled on down to Natty's for the remainder of the party. Some dinner, beer, Blow Jobs, Chocolate Cake, and Liquid Cocaine later, and Rae was OBLITERATED! It was fabulous. Some evidence of the crime...

Marty and Rae at their absolute cuteness ... it kinda makes me sick.
Such a sweet mentor-mentee relationship
Laura is officially part of the gang!
Marty think he is such a damn comedian
Turns out that Rae and Brandy aren't too big on Liquid Cocaine. They look like they may puke. The good part is that this is a picture of the exact moment that Rae was officially done.
It was fantastic!
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