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04 January 2008

Mi oreja dola mucho!

I got my tubes in today. Or, more accurately, tube. The doctor only put a tube in the left because that is the one with all of the trouble.

HOLY CRAP did it hurt! To numb the ear drum and surrounding area, he had to inject me not once, not twice, but THRICE with a needle. I'm not sure if you've ever had a needle injecting in your ear canal, but it ranks way up there with the top five most painful things I have ever experienced. After the ear drum finally went numb, the room started spinning. The stupid examining/operating chair was too high off the ground for me to place a stabilizing foot down, and I almost threw up. As he is completing the procedure, he is scraping and suctioning me ear out which only compounded my dizziness. While I couldn't feel anything, I could hear the deafening loud noises he was making. He kept saying, "The worst part is over." Ugh!

Twenty minutes later (yes, only twenty minutes!), I was done. It didn't hurt because it was still numb, but, as soon as that wore off, I took a fistful of drugs and took a nap.

I do hope this corrects all my lame-o ear problems!

Off to pick up Joe from school! (I'm a quick healer ... that, and I want to get PAID!)
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