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06 January 2008

Oh, so much to read!

So, as we all know, my comps are looming on the not-so-very-distant horizon. I've built myself a fairly manageable schedule for reading each week. Of course, to avoid getting completely swallowed up in the world of academia, I've got a small stack of non-comps books to read.

To be read:
I am Legend
The Great Divorce
- C.S. Lewis
The Cloister Walk - Kathleen Norris (Thanks, Brandy!)
My Mother Teresa Book

My goal (and I've typed this out so now I must stand by it!) is to read in one of these texts EVERY night. One of the things that I hate about grad school is that it has completely stripped me of my ability to read for pleasure or relaxation. I am determined to renew this skill. My days will be filled from 6am-9pm every day, and I'm hoping that these pleasure books will be an effective way of winding down each night. Of course, given that all of my real responsibilities don't begin for another week, all of these books may be read before school even starts!
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