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20 January 2008

An ordinary old day

Not much to report, but I felt like blogging. The Boy is in Dur-Ham watching the Pats game with his homie, and I am at home watching hour three of The Sopranos. I'm currently in the soccer-coach-child-rapist episode. It's a good one. Artie finally grows a pair and man's up and stand up for himself rather than letting Tony push him around all the time. I love Artie. He's a rather likable character even though he's weak.

I've decided that I may want to write a paper on The Bing as a character in the series. You know, The Bada Bing, as in the strip club-money-laundering-front that Tony owns. I think that it is far more than simply a location and is more of a character. While The Bing isn't a main character (although it appears in every episode), it is an essential supporting role that provides an erotic and dangerous and desirous element to the series. I'm not sure how it will work out, but we'll see. Hell, I don't even know if I want to write papers any more. We'll see.

Dammit, LL, and your desire to see the whole series! Of course I had to go back and rewatch it. It's addictive.

The Boy and I saw There Will Be Blood yesterday. The theater was PACKED at the 3:30pm show. It was amazed. The script was average, but Daniel Day-Lewis' performance was beyond description. He is such a talented actor! He plays a total bastard, but you have to love him because he is so charismatic. He totally deserved the award for Best Actor. What I especially love about him as an actor is that he is so selective about the roles that he takes. He doesn't do these silly-ass movies just to turn a buck. He only does one or two movies every five years and so, and they are generally phenomenal. Even if the film itself isn't fantastic, his acting is so superb that you totally enjoy watching him. I bet he's cool, too. A guy that you could sit down with, smoke a cigar, and have a drink with. Normal. There don't seem to many stars left like that. Natalie Portman is one. Ed Burns, definitely. ScarJo, perhaps. Matt Damon, could be. That's about it, though. So many stars these days are snobby as hell, totally caught up with themselves, and aren't all that picky in the films that they choose. Long story short, I really enjoyed the movie. Daniel Day-Lewis is a god. But not in the blasphemous way!!

After the movie, we went to see MealyMel do her bellydance thing. The Boy had never seen her dance, and he was pleased! The show was entertaining (as was last year's) although there was one or two acts that were not so great, but Zoe and MealyMel and most of the other acts were great! There was fire and scarves and hoops and everything! Such fun for a Saturday night! And I even got to check out the new MealyMel sidekick. What a cutie!!!

This morning there was a really great priest delivering mass. I was pleased. Our normal priests are good. Rather, one is. The other is rather ... well, predatory. He has this really scary smile that is painted on his face as he sits by the altar. He refuses to wear his glasses and therefore stumbles over the passages from the Bible. The other priest is Hispanic and incredibly kind and gentle. I enjoy his masses. The priest today was a visiting priest who used to work within the parish (he said that he had a slight "hiccup" in his health ... turns out he had a brain aneurysm!!), and I really enjoyed his homily. He talked about the Jewish tradition of using a sacrificial lamb to cleanse the family's sins and how the "lamb of God" isn't simply a metaphor but Jesus really was a perfect sacrifice and His blood would wash all of the sin away. While I knew these things before, Father James had a really interesting perspective on it and put it into beautiful words.

I'll need to get starting ready soon for MealyMel's birthday party. It's a Speakeasy and I am totally stoked. I'm pretty proud of my costume. I worked hard on it. Perhaps photos will turn up at some point in the future!

And there you have it, folks!
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