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11 January 2008

Reading update

I am on schedule with my comps. Skillz and I had a fairly productive study session the other night, and we talked about the whole comps process. It made me feel better. Skillz is fantastic. (Believe it or not, we only had one drink the whole evening! What is going on in our relationship?!?!)

I finished I am Legend. Word of advice: don't waste your time. HORRIBLE BOOK! I wonder why so many movies have been based on it. The basic premise is okay, but the writing is horrible. I should have known better when the back cover had the quotation "This story inspired me and my works," written by none other than the hack of all times, Stephen King. Ugh. So, not only did the book give me a few bad dreams, but it also wasted five hours of my life that I will never get back!

I am currently entrenched in The Great Divorce. Much better. The only bad part is that I have been so exhausted lately at night, I can only read about a chapter. But at least I am reading something enjoyable that is unrelated to academic studies! This is actually the first work by C.S.Lewis that I have ever read. Pretty stoked about that.

Oh, and then I realized I have other things I need to read! I found The Poe Shadow in m drawer. I had started it way before holiday and had forgotten about it. Put it back in the list of books to read!
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