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03 January 2008

Nothing says "Happy New Year" like getting inked!

Last night, The Fox, LL, and I all went to Little John's to get The Fox's nose pierced. I had been contemplating getting my lady bug covered or touched up for some time (it is over ten years old and is a wee bit faded), and I figured that there was no time like the present! Of course, The Fox, running on the high of her new piercing, decided to get the tattoo that she had designed some time ago. LL watched us with a face that screamed, "my friends are friggin' whack jobs!"

I finally decided on a blue morning glory (with a blossom big enough to cover the old and withered lady bug) and a pink butterfly (The Boy calls me "Mariposa" which is Spanish for Butterfly). I am quite pleased with it. It is still small enough to hide beneath my bikini (as long as bikinis get no smaller than the ones I currently own), and I think it is more representative of who I am now instead of the teenager who wanted to get a tattoo with her best friend. (He still has his in its original state.) It's not that I hated my lady bug. I liked it, but I wanted a bit of a change. Now you can't even tell it was there. Of course, I will always know it is there, beneath the blue blossom of a morning glory.

(The actual tattoo is far more clearer and sharper. Photos just don't do it justice!)

Hopefully The Fox will post her new additions soon so all can see how bad ass she is now. I am so proud!
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