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02 January 2008

Some resolutions for a new year

While I'm not one for making (and keeping) New Year's resolutions, I was inspired by The Fox's 19 new resolutions and thought that I would make a few of my own. Whether or not I keep them is a different story.

1. I resolve to hit the gym far more regularly this spring. In previous semesters, I hit the gym every morning at 6am. This fall ... not so much. Of course my schedule made it difficult, but no more excuses. My booty will be at the gym at 7am every day, Monday through Friday, starting on January 14th. That is, of course, when school resumes. Until then, I will be trying my best not to eat the mountains of chocolate in my cupboards.

2. I resolve to continue to study hard for my pending exams. I will stay on schedule and perhaps even get ahead.

I think two resolutions are quite feasible. Any more and I would simply be setting myself up for failure!

(By the way, I said "no" to the manager's position at AT. Thanks for all the input, peeps!)
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