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26 March 2008

I hate laundry

Why is it that EVERY time I do the laundry, I forget to take it out of the dryer and/or washer until 10:00pm when I was looking forward to going to bed? Now I need to stay up a little later to finish it. Ugh.

The Beast is doing well. She's back to her rambunctious and energetic self. Late last night she began playing with lambie and chewing on her bone. Today she was back to her old self. Running around and being all insane-o. It's a HUGE relief to see her doing so much better. I was so worried about her. It was so wonderful to know that so many people in my life were genuinely worried about her. Most people are so often like, "She's just a dog. What's the big deal?" But, as most dog owners/lovers will attest to, B is a child to me. Just thinking about being without her is enough to make me cry. Ugh. I hate that feeling. Anyways, my friends all rock and I love you all to death. Both B and I completely appreciate your well wishes and concern. If she could, she would give you a big lick in the face. Well, actually, she's not much of a licker, but she would happily get fresh with you and bury her face in your crotch!! She's doing so much better and should continue to do well. Yeah for B!! Isn't she precious, sleeping in her micro-ball? I love her!!

I got to see Aaron for a bit today. We only chatted for an hour, but we hadn't seen each other or talked to each for most of the semester. We made plans for dinner and a movie next week and will hopefully be able to do some serious catching up. He's buried in work (as I should be). B misses her Uncle Aaron as do I!


Some of my students from Newfield are coming to visit in a couple of weeks ... Mia and Heather. They are coming to visit Heather's dad in Raleigh and are staying over at my place for one night. I look forward to taking them to the university to go to some classes (Bio for Mia ... she wants to go pre-med at Rochester) and talk to some student athletes and see what college life is really like. Mia will most likely be running track in college and I want her to be prepared for what is to come. I'm looking forward to their visit. They are really great kids. Especially Mia. Probably my favorite student ever and the one with the most potential!

After they leave, LL and I head on down to Florida to hang out with Mom and Dad for the weekend. We've been looking Forward to this forEVER. We both need the break and sunny Florida seems perfect. Plus, $95 round trip was too good to say "no" to. While LL and Mom bake on the beach, Dad and I will find something to keep us occupied. I'm not so much all about the sunbathing. It makes me too hot and uncomfortable. Plus I burn. And, in the Victorian tradition, only field hands have a tan! You know me, too good for that! :P


Last night was my last "Catholic" class. It was good fun and completely serendipitous. Let me explain. While I've talked with a lot of my classmates casually, I haven't made any real friendships. Last night, I was talking to Megan and we discovered that we grew up in the same town--Ithaca--and she graduated with my cousin! How amazing!!! We spent a good portion of the evening swapping Ithaca stories and talking about people and places and Upstate in general. She supports Obama and knows about the Grassroots Festival. And, to top it all off, she roots for the Sox. We're going to try to get together to watch some games this year. My BoSox/Yankee friends from last year seem to have dissipated (Memphis back to Jersey, Liz and Mike to NYC, Kia to DC, David off to oblivion ... Marty and Rae are still around and that is wonderful ... at least Aaron is still around and perhaps he can hang out some.) It should be fun! Yeah for making "old" connections!!

(Speaking of the Sox ... things are looking good!! I'm super-excited about this season ... especially with tickets to attend a couple of games at Fenway!! Yeah!!! Hopefully I'll even get to take my nephew to a game in June.)

Speaking of old connections, I seem to be going through a "nesting" phase in an odd way. I've been trying to make contact with people that I used to work with and teach with. It feels good to touch base and see what they are up to. How their kids have grown, where they are teaching/working now, what has changed in the schools, genera updates ... you know. It's nice to hear from them and let them know that I think of them more than occasionally. I wish I could get in touch with Sarah and Neil, though. They seem impossible to track down. :(


My dad is waiting for his test results to come back. Please keep him in your prayers. In case you're curious, St. Peregrine is the patron saint for protection against cancer. I've been asking for his watchful eye over my dad for some weeks now.


Well, there you have it, folks!
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