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05 March 2008


Today sucked. And not in the usual life's monotony way. But in the "I-totally-needed-a-very-strong-cocktail-to-unwind" kind of way. And here's why ...

It all started out well. I slept in and didn't go to the gym. I woke up to the sun shining and birds singing. I took a slow hot shower and began my day.

I got another friggin' letter from the hospital yesterday. I figured it was about the bill I just paid and there was a mix-up, so I called this morning. The oh-so-friendly beyotch on the other end informed me that the bill I had paid was for the physician. The bill I received yesterday was for the hospital. Quoi? I'm confused. What exactly is the difference? After some extremely convoluted answer, it was revealed that the insurance company (yes, the very same shitty company that I am stuck with) paid a whopping $75 for my emergency room visit, sticking me with the remaining $300. So kind of them. Needless to say, now the hospital wants their money. I told them flat out that I could only afford $20 a month. No discussion. Take it or leave it. I'm a friggin' college student living on financial aid!I'm already paying the other doctor $100 a month until that bill is paid. Ugh! So, that started my day off with a bang. Woo hoo.

I got to the office, already pist, and received complaints from teachers regarding a certain asshole student athlete that couldn't keep his mouth shut and behave appropriately. This very same student is always in my office, maneuvering and trying to be suave. I did my best to put the smack down. I emailed all the coaches and pertinent staff regarding the situation. Come to find out, my second-level supervisor is pist that I sent the email to everyone and thinks I did it because the kid said negative things about me. No. I did it because it is my J-O-B! Ugh.

So, in my anger and frustration about unhappy employment and serious lack of funds, I did some job searchy stuff. While I have been looking forward to Spring Break since, oh, September, I don't even want to go now. I have money now but I know that come June, unless lucrative employment comes through, I'll be broke. What a great shadow to cast over my much-needed holiday. Thank God that the hotel is free! Now, if only I could figure out a way to eat and drink for free ...

When I went to work with The Joe, I was frustrated and annoyed. He was misbehaving and non-compliant. He got everything wrong and just frustrated the bejeepers out of me. Then I felt angry and disappointed in myself that I was angry and frustrated. That made me just more miserable. I left their house feeling pissy.

I tried getting a pedicure. It didn't make me feel better, but my toes are pretty now.

And, to top it all off, I have been worrying about Dad all day. I don't know why. His test isn't until the end of the month, but all of the worst-case scenarios have been running through the front of my brain all day long. I have been on the verge of tears all day, especially when I've prayed.

I've prayed a lot today. I feel solace while in prayer, but, as soon as I am done praying, all of the worry refills my mind. I'm not sure what to do with that. I guess I am still on the learning curve as far as Catholicism goes.

Well, as Scarlett says, "Tomorrow is another day ..."
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