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10 July 2009

Last pics from the North (and a few from the Mid-Atlantic)

The waterfalls in Shendagin Hollow.
(Yes, there is a hollow near my parent's home. It least we don't call
it a "holler!")

There was a warren of small baby bunnies in a good friend's yard. They are soo tiny!
I want a bunny!

And now for some DC ...

The flamingos at National Zoo were hatching their babies.

Look at the little guy! He was so awkward and gangly.
But terribly, terribly cute!

"The Thinking Ape"

Meal time at the gorillas habitat.

Sleeping Panda.
(That should totally be a yoga pose. I'd do it!)
Open wide!
The hippo at the Natural History Museum.
This picture makes me laugh.
It kinda reminds me of "The Face!"
Poor awkward giraffe.
Sometimes I feel this way.
Being tall has it's ups and downs.
hahahaha ... that's funny!

Dinner in the trees.

And now I'm home!
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