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18 July 2009

Replacement plants!

Since all of my plants died while I was out of town (yes, I'm a delinquent mother!), Mom and Dad gave me some money to buy some pretty replacements. I hit the Raleigh Farmer's Market and was oh-my-gosh-overwhelmed! It was so big and there was sooooooo much to see. I made some fun selections. I potted them as soon as I got home, just as it started to rain. I LOVE FREE WATER for my plants!!!

This is arguably my favorite. It makes me think of Kiki. She needs one so she'll always have a subject to paint! Ornamental peppers. Aren't they cool? I can't wait to throw them into some salads and meals!!

Some new basil (it's greek columnar so it stands nice and tall all the time!) regular basil, oregano, and thyme. Turns out that all these can winter and then come back bigger and better in the spring! So excited about that!

I've never had aloe vera before, so I thought I would give it a try.

This is some kind of cool fern that I found. It will get huge if I put it in a big enough pot.

The peace lily is old, but this is all of the other plants and the St. Francis is new. (The St. Francis came from my NY trip.)

The view from the bottom of the stairs.
My little chives. They are garlic chives and taste GREAT!
My new rosemary and some sage.

I'm super happy with my birthday presents. Yeah!!!!

Thanks Mom and Dad.
You are the greatest!!!
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