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13 June 2011

And the chaperoning concludes ...

My chaperoning duties ended yesterday after a fun-filled day in Atlanta. We took the kids to the MLK Jr. Museum and gravesite and then led them into downtown Atlanta to visit either the Coke museum or the Georgia Aquarium. I chose to chaperone the group that visited the aquarium because I pretty much love zoos and aquariums.

Gandhi outside the MLK museum

My old stomping grounds got a shout-out in the ATL due to the Woolworth's sit-in.

The mural outside the museum

The grave site. If he hadn't been cut down, he could still be alive today.
Think of all that he could have accomplished ...

A leaf in the reflecting tool made a cool shadow.

Georgia Aquarium!

This one is for Kiki.

Sea anemone!

Is it bad that I wanted him to be my dinner?

Baby beluga in the deep blue sea ...


A stingray doing summersaults

It is pretty captivating.

Whale shark!

Sea nettles

Moon jellies

Hammerhead overhead
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