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19 June 2011

To the Fathers ...

What is a father?

He isn't something that is determined by DNA or genetics. A father is made from a choice. A very specific choice to love and nurture a little creature that is defenseless in the world. Everyday he makes the choices that change his child's life. Which values to instill in her young soul, which boo-boos to kiss and which to let heal on their own, which boys to chase away and which boys to trust with her tender heart. Every decision he makes helps to create the strong child that grows into the independent woman. He helps her to learn from her own experiences by sharing his own wisdom and experience. He wants nothing but the best for her but is willing to let her fail so her successes will be all the more sweet.

She could make it in life without him, but she is who she is because he is in her life.

Happy Father's Day, Pops!
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