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16 June 2011

Dating a Boston-Sports Fan ...

... means lots of late nights. Especially during championship runs. I was first indoctrinated to this lifestyle in  2004 when the Sox won the World Series for the first time since 1918. That was a pretty great season. We went to Boston to watch the parade, and it was pretty magical. And cold. But magical nonetheless. While The Boy watches and supports ALL Boston sports, I've only really gotten into baseball. Basketball just isn't my thing, and, while I love hockey because of its aggression and speed, I just don't watch it enough to know anything about it. It is one of those sports that I prefer watching live (despite the freezing arenas). I can do baseball on TV or live, but some sports I just have to be there to enjoy. Hockey is one of them.

Despite all this, the Stanley Cup finals have been on my TV non-stop. The Boy has watched and cheered every moment, and I have supported him and the Bruins quietly from my spot across the room on my couch (usually with a book or my MacBook on my lap). I pay attention to the important stuff so I know what's going on, but I'm just not as devoted as he is. Last night after their win, he slipped on his old Donato jersey from back in the day (he couldn't wear it during the games because the last time he did that the Bruins lost, and, as we all know, what the fans do at home has a direct affect on the outcome of the game!). He even wore it to bed. This morning the jersey finally came off and found its way onto The Beast. She just loves getting all dressed up to support her dad and his fanatics.

Yeah, Bruins! 
Is this not the face of a fan?

The jersey is a little big on her skinny frame. :)
Now that the Stanley Cup has been decided, we can go back to focusing on Boston baseball. I'm more equipped to handle that. :)
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