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13 January 2009


I think I have it. Or some kind of sleeping disorder. Seriously. Yesterday I didn't get out bed until 10am. Of course, I had been up till 2am-ish, tossing and turning and not being able to sleep.  This morning, I slept until 10am again after I got up at 6:30 to take Jo to the airport. I was back in bed at 7:15am and stayed there until 10ish. 

I was having a few weeks of really bad dreams a few weeks ago. I mean, BAD dreams. Dying, being attacked, having my home invaded, having family members die ... bad stuff, dude. One night I woke up after having a nightmare about having attackers break in and attempt to kill me. Ultimately, The Boy accidentally killed me when he wrestled the gun away from the attacker. I woke up TERRIFIED. The Boy checked the house to calm me and then we slept the rest of the night with the lights on. I know it's very wussy of me, but it was wicked scary.

The bad dreams have passed, but the sleeping is still an issue. If I'm mentally tired, my body hurts and I can't get comfortable. If my body is comfortable, I'm not tired. I try reading in bed to put me to sleep, but I find that I just get caught up in my book. Even if I have a cocktail or two before bed, I'm still restless and awake. The Boy wants me to go see a sleep specialist. We'll see about that. 
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