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09 January 2009


Today, for the first time in MONTHS, I've read for pleasure. Pure enjoyment. No critical thinking skills employed. No note-taking or synthesis. Just reading for personal pleasure. It was fantastic. I'd forgotten how relaxing it is to pick up a book and read for leisure. I feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

I'm currently reading Georgiana. It's the historical book that the film The Duchess was based on. The movie was pretty fascinating which led me to the book. I started it late last night (around midnight), and I'm well into the text. The book is fantastic so far. I'm learning so much about her. She really was a fascinating woman (sorry for using that word twice in one paragraph!).  She was pallies with Marie Antoinette and was the impetus behind an entire patois in England called the Devonshire House Drawl. She was a complete a total fashionista, but, at the same time, was a vulnerable, intimidated little girl thrust into the limelight. There are severe differences between the text and the movie, but those differences are more issues of what to include and what to leave out. After all, it's hard to create a complete movie from 400+ pages. Well, a movie that people in today's day and age would sit through without grumbling.

I'll keep you posted on the developments as well as my renewed interest in pleasure reading.
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