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08 January 2009

Some real commitments ...

So, a New Year's resolution of mine was/is to lose some poundage off of my ever-expanding ass. (It's not really that bad, but my mind makes it REALLY bad.) I've decided that I need to make some more concrete plans to achieve my goal. I realize that making serious, radical changes is not the way to lose weight, and I've been successful in the past. I just need to make some manageable lifestyle adjustments that have worked in the past (that I have sadly let fall to the wayside!).

1.) First and foremost, I am going to hit the gym/exercise far more regularly. When I was working out almost every day, I looked good and felt good. I had a ton of energy and was really happy with myself. The hardest part for me is getting the motivation to START going again. Once I'm in a routine, it's easy. It's the starting the routine that sucks. Even if I just go for a long walk with B every day, I need to get out and be more physical. 

2.) I need to cut empty sugars/calories out of my diet. You know, soda and sweets. I'll go for weeks without drinking a pop and then I'll turn around and have four a day for a month. That is not good. If I need to have a pop, I'll limit myself to ONE a day. No more ice cream and candy and chips and cookies. If I do crave some ice cream (which is my greatest vice!), I'll buy a pint of Ben and Jerry's and make it last a full week. When I'm craving such empty calories, I'll brew myself a nice pot of tea and enjoy that. Besides hot tea makes one feel full and satiated without any calories! 

3.) I also need to focus on portion control. I've gotten a little crazy about how much I eat at a setting. I'm going to go back to using my small plates and monitoring serving size far more carefully. Once my stomach shrinks again, it will be easier to control how big my meals are. I've also got to load my portions with great zero-calorie foods like vegetables and spices. I love peppers and carrots and cucumbers and salad. I just need to make them more readily available for snacking. 

4.) I've got to cut the booze back a bit. I'm, by no means, an alcoholic, but I do enjoy a cocktail or two at night. It's also not uncommon for The Boy and I to polish off a bottle of wine or two on the weekends. While I love relaxing over a drink, I also recognize that booze is simply empty calories that require me to work all that much harder to eliminate the calories. So, I'm going to do my best to limit my cocktails to weekends only (Friday and Saturday).

I recognize that weight loss is a continual struggle, and it requires a lifestyle change.  I know this, and I am serious about making the commitment. I'm not getting any younger, and I don't want my waistline to increase as my age does. No me gusta that! Plus, I feel that these are all very manageable and doable changes that will improve my overall quality of life.

On a related note, my mom called to tell me that she and my aunt went to a Weight Watchers meeting yesterday! I'm so proud! If Mom can do it, I can!

With that, on with the weight loss!
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