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18 May 2009

And the blessings pour down!

I don't know what happened, but I must have done something good. God is certainly smiling down on me for some reason. Whatever the reason, I am truly happy and truly blessed. Why, you ask?

Because Cary Academy called today to offer me the job!! And the baseline pay (which I'll negotiate a bit) is VERY liveable!!! I am so excited for this opportunity. I'll get to be back in the classroom again and working with middle school students. I'll be working in a school environment that fosters intellectual and emotional growth and development and doesn't rely solely on "teaching to the test" to "achieve" success. I'll have freedom to be creative and innovative, and I'll have an amazing opportunity to incorporate technology into my classroom and instruction. This is such an amazing Godsend. I couldn't ask to be more blessed.

Now Iget to apartment hunt in the Triangle! And I'll live close to some of my favorite people!!! Of course, that means leaving some of my other favorite people behind, but I'm sure they'll understand!
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