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04 May 2009

Life Update

The last week, specifically the last four days, have FLOWN by. My life is in a happy turmoil, and I have some promising possibilities before me. Let me tell you the story.

Thursday morning, during my 10am class, I was reading a student response. She mentioned Cary Academy. I was curious as to what this was, so I did a quick internet search. I found out that it is a highly elite and prestigious prep school in Cary, NC., and, coincidentally, they are hiring a 6th grade English teacher. For quote some time I have been thinking about pursuing a career in private education. I LOVE middle school teaching and feel that I "fit" better there than I do at the university. Don't get me wrong. I love college teaching, but I don't LOVE it. So, I figured I'd apply, but I was really nervous that I was too late (all of the other positions had recently been filled.). I called the school to inquire about the closing date for application submissions, and they told me that they were already screening applications. I expressed my disappointment, and that began a brief conversation about who I am and what I am doing. Before the end of the conversation, the woman on the other end told me to send along my information anyway. So, before I went to AT, I sent off my CV. 

In the meantime, Elon notified me that they have renewed me for the fall for two sections. :)

Friday morning, after a few cocktails at the bar, I decided to sleep in. Of course, as is my luck, the phone rang at 8:15am. I was about to ignore the phone call when I noticed the number was a Raleigh area code. I decided to pick up in case it was Cary Academy. It was!!! The woman on the phone, assistant to the Head of the Middle School, wanted me to have a phone interview with the Head at 10am. Of course I said "yes!"

10am came, and I ended up speaking with the Head for over an hour and fifteen minutes!! She really liked me and asked me to come out this week for an on-campus interview. I would teach a lesson, meet some faculty and board members, and have a second interview. I am soooooo excited! I'm heading out on Thursday afternoon and staying into Friday. They offered to pay for my hotel!! OF course, I refused and told them that I would stay with friends in Durham.

I have been praying every day multiple times that this works out. This could really be the job that I spend the next ten years (or more!) at. It's kinda my dream job.  I'm so excited that I can't even sleep!!

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