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10 May 2009

Interview Update

My interview went rather well last week. I really enjoyed my visit and would love the opportunity to work there. It's a fabulous school that really focuses on the educational and developmental needs of the students and pays no real attention to testing and No Child Left Behind. I feel that I could really grow and develop in that environment. Honestly, this could be the job, should they choose to hire me, that I work for the next twenty years. Or more.

Of course, if they don't choose me, I'm okay with that. It's a weird feeling, but I would LOVE the job, but, at the same time, I'd be okay if I didn't get it. During my interview, I was true to myself and presented myself in an authentic manner. I didn't say what they wanted to hear or what I though sounded good. I said exactly what I truly think and feel. I was honest with my beliefs and theories of pedagogy and practices and classroom management and the whole ball of wax. If, after that, they don't think that I am a good fit for their school then they are probably right. I was who I truly am, and, if they didn't like it, then I am okay with that.

If I do get this job, it means some major changes in my life. Aside from packing up and moving and starting all over again, I would be postponing my dissertation work. Not postponing it so much as prolonging it. Instead of completing it in a year and a half, I'll be looking at three or so. We'll see though. I still haven't heard from the school, so this is all hypothetical!
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