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30 May 2009

My genius plan

As you may have heard, I'm moving on the 10th. I've decided that I'm going to take the five days after the move to really settle into my new house. After that, I'm going to hit the library and take out a ton of materials for my prospectus. On the 20th, I'm attending a wedding shower, and, at 3am on the 21st, I am driving home to NY to surprise my dad for Father's Day. And when I get there, I am going to stay in NY for TWO FULL WEEKS!! I haven't been home in over a year, and I need to get back there and recharge my batteries and get in touch with where I come from. I'll take a suitcase full of prospectus work and do a bit each day, but I figure that, if I'm not working a paying job, I can just as easily work on the project from NY as I can from here.

Yeah for the month of June!!

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