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28 May 2009

Life update

I write this in the midst of a torrential downpour. Seriously, my apartment almost flooded. It was bad. I had to go out and "sweep" the rain buildup off of my patio. But, resourceful me saved the day! And my plants all got a free watering, so I'm pretty stoked about that!

Some exciting things have happened today! Last night I showed my apartment to potential subleters, and the first girl said she wanted it. I was happy, until she told me that she wanted to move in earlier than June 20th. I told her that I would see what I could do and let her know. Packing and moving my entire place in ten days is pretty daunting, so my stomach immediately wound up into a knot. I called the new complex today and, as it turns out, the apartment that I want (the BIG one with 2 bedrooms, 1.5 bath, 1100 square feet, and a BIG screened-in porch) was currently on special as long as I moved in by the 10th! I'll be getting $100 off my rent every month for the next year!!! So I'm getting the bigger apartment for the smaller apartment's price. I'm pretty happy about this. I'm taking it as a sign that I'm supposed to be doing this. Now I need to find movers ...

The great thing is that Cary Academy pays for relocation expenses. I'm hiring people to pack this place up and then move it. Yeah!!!! Excited about that!! I hate packing, especially if I only have 10 days to do so. I LOVE unpacking because it is like opening presents. I love setting up a new house because I kinda like to nest. But the packing and moving is what kills me. I'm ever-so-thankful that I can hire people to pack it all up and move it out (and, eventually, in). I've got two different moving companies coming by tomorrow morning to give me a quote on the whole process. I'm pretty excited.

I told AT that the 9th was my last official day as a member of management. I'm REALLY excited about that. I love the discount, but that place is wearing me down. I hope to stay on as a casual employee, but we'll see how that works. 

I also signed my Cary Academy contract today! I'm SUPER excited about that.

(P.S. I'll be posting my DC pics soon!)
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