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28 May 2009

Memorial Day in Our Nation's Capital

I spent Memorial Day in DC with The Boy, moving him into his new place. We did a bit of sightseeing. He had never been to Arlington or the Vietnam War Memorial, so I took him. The Wall was closed for a ceremony, so we didn't get there, but we had a great time doing everything else. 

The Marine Corps Memorial

A close-up showing the years that my brother was over there serving in the Gulf.

Old Abe, looking stately as ever.

The outside of the memorial. Not a bad pic.

Arlington National Cemetery. 
An appropriate place to spend a day of remembrance.

Always moving and humbling.

So, who knew that the FDR memorial was so awesome? We'd never been because it's buried out on the Tidal Basin, but it is totally awesome! It has a ton of statues and waterfall and quotations from his various terms. Pretty cool.

Here we have poor farmer and his wife. Most likely victims of the Dust Bowl.

Some men waiting for the dole.

A sad and beaten man listening to the radio, hoping for good news from FDR.

The man himself, wheelchair and all.

Up close and personal.
A pretty waterfall with an inspiring quotation.
These were on a big roll that was used to make a relief mural. It's pretty cool.

Words to live by.

Cute scotty dog!!! (It reminds me of Bentley!!)
The Jefferson from across the basin.
Me and The Boy, chillin' with George Mason. He was a big guy.
Jefferson Memorial
And no trip to DC is complete without some Washington Monument pics.
We had a really good time. Of course, I'll be spending quite a few weekends up there, so there will be more pictures to come!

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