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22 February 2008

As promised ...

Here it is!

1. Obama and the Koran
2. Religion in America ... its basis and future ...
3. My progressive dad
4. Katherine Hepburn
5. Garden Ridge
6. Hedgehogs and puppies (at the request of Kiki!)

In today's edition, I will address items 4-6. Items 1-3 go together and will require a lot more time and energy than I have at the moment. (My tummy is rather rumbly right now and I'm not sure why).

4. I absolutely adore Katherine Hepburn. If anyone were ever to play me in a movie, it would be her. I love her style and voice and personality. I just finished watching A Lion in Winter (which happens to be Anthony Hopkins' film debut and an award-winning performance from Hepburn), and she is just so fantastic. I originally fell in love with her in A Philadelphia Story. She is so salty and spunky and adventurous and modern. She was capable of being classy and elegant while maintaining her independence and grace. Why don't we have more actresses like her now?

5. I went to Garden Ridge the other day. It was scary. While they had a fantastic selection of garden pots (and I cannot wait to get my balcony planted for the summer!), the other amounts of massive crap that they had was overwhelming. I'm sure that there is some good stuff there, but you have to wade through mountains of crap to find it! Where do stores get all that crap? How do they keep it all straight? How do they even know what they have? Who comes up with the ideas for stores like this? I'm not sure that I will be returning anytime soon (although I do need to get some of those pots for my balcony).

6. Finally ... hedgehogs and puppies!! I am currently on the waiting list for a hedgehog. It is something that I have wanted to have for-EVER, and, after chatting with the Kikster about it recently, and I went ahead with it. The Beast is really gentle with little critters, and the little guy would be living in a cage or terrarium or something most of the time anyway. I requested a little albino one, and I definitely want a female. She should arrive in 3-5 months (according to the breeder). I'm pretty excited. Since The Boy doesn't want me to adopt a new Weim from the rescue (she is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo adorable!!! And she totally wants to come home with me! I can see it in her eyes in the picture!), I'm not taking "no" for an answer on this issue. Besides, it shouldn't affect him all that much. He is only around on weekends anyway, right? I'm pretty stoked about this little guy. I cannot wait to get her and take some pictures!! I wonder if you can litter train hedgehogs like you can bunnies? Hmmm .... I'll have to investigate that ...

I think I'm gonna throw up now.
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