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04 February 2008

Wrapping up one week to begin a new one

Last week was semi-successful. A few gold stars and some good times with the people I love.

The weekend began with watching the best movie ever (I know who killed me starring a one-legged-stripper Lindsay Lohan). And, by the title best movie ever, I mean "hysterically-funny-trying-to-be-serious-and-scary-but-totally-missed-the-mark-with-bad-
acting-and-a-worse-yet-plot." It was fantastic. The Boy and I almost peed ourselves more than once. Especially when Lindsay's character Dakota/Aubrey (don't ask. just watch) turns to the camera and says "I know who killed me." It's a great line because of its idiocy and because it is actually delivered sincerely. The ONLY line delivered so. It was fantastic!

It turns out that the one-legged-stripper movie was a warm up for visiting Christie's Cabaret later that night with with The Boy and The Fox. It was fantastic, and I am happy to report that there were no amputee strippers there!! There was a cute little lady named Hailey who danced for Foxy and then me. She was amazing. She had this cute little sequined skirt thingy that bounced and sparkled when she walked. It wasn't really a skirt because it didn't cover anything. It was more like a dangly belt. I totally wanted one, but she got it out in Cali somewhere. And internet search proved fruitless. she also totally recognized my scent -- Gucci Rush -- when she danced for me. I was impressed. It was a great night!

Saturday involved working at AT and dinner with friends. The Fox, LL, and The Will came over for dinner. The Boy made an elaborately amazing dinner. We started with baked breaded eggplant with red sauce then had a pasta course with garlic and artichokes. After the pasta came the main dish. He made tuna steaks and filet mignon with a creamy dill and mushroom sauce. After the main course was field greens salad with a homemade balsamic reduction with walnuts and blackberries. Finally came my favorite! Homemade tiramisu with an amaretto aperitif. Mucho tasty! It was a great night!

Sunday was a leisurely day at home. The Fox came over for tea and to return The Boy's phone that somehow ended up in her purse after we left the club. She visited for a while and then went on her way to do her business for the day. In the evening, The Boy and I headed to Durham to watch the superbowl with friends. Afterwards, despite the loss, we smoked cigars on the porch and relaxed. We didn't get home until one am. I was beat.

Obviously, there was no gym action for me this morning. I need a bit more than four hours of sleep to function as a human being. When I awoke this morning, my back was killing me! I couldn't more my shoulder/shoulder blades, so I called in to work. I probably could have made it in, but I was tired and wanted a day off. I love getting a set stipend for work! It makes taking a day off far more easy!

This week looks like it shan't be too bad. I'll work this afternoon and all day tomorrow and then attend Ash Wednesday mass on Wednesday at 7am (see below for further info on that). After mass, I have a meeting with the youth ministries director at church so I can get started in working with the youth group. I'm pretty stoked about that. I basically work the rest of the week with no real change in the schedule and then the weekend begins again. I may go rock climbing at the wall with a former student on Thursday afternoon. We'll see. At least there are some minor breaks in the tedium.

Ash Wednesday and the Lenten season -

Many religions, whether they be Catholic or Protestant, make sacrifices for lent. I used to do it as a kid, but it was never anything very serious. Since I am entering the Church as of Easter, I think it appropriate to attempt to make some real sacrifices this year. First and foremost, I am going to receive ashes at mass on Ash Wednesday. This may not seem like a sacrifice, but I'm rather nervous about wearing the ashes on my forehead all day and going about my business. I know that I will encounter many people throughout the day that will look at me like I am some crazy person with a dirty forehead. Many of those people will be my students, and this makes me nervous. I'm going to do it (obviously) but I am still rather nervous about it.

As far as my real sacrifice goes, I have decided to give up the following things for Lent: ice cream, candy/chocolate, and gossip, especially of the celebrity kind. Most of you know how much I absolutely adore ice cream and chocolate so this will be a bit of a challenge. Especially since it is aways around me. The Boy bought gellato at the grocery store on Saturday. Does that count as ice cream? And my office is filled with chocolate and candy for the students. It should be a fun Lent. As far as the gossip goes, I realize that I spend too much of my time talking about other people and reading internet celebrity gossip. It's a waste of my time, and I need to stop participating in it. Besides, what good does it do me to read all that crap? Aren't there more important things going on in the world?
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