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04 February 2008


Why is the North Carolina primary in MAY?!?!?! What good is that? By that point the candidates' futures will all be but decided! It's like taking away our say out of our hands. Ugh. I'm a bit frustrated by this.

In related news, I spoke to my parents this afternoon. They told me that they are most likely going to vote democrat! I was completely and totally blown away. We had a real political conversation that didn't revolve around bashing the Dems and praising the pres. It was nice. Their primary (NY) is tomorrow. I had to disappoint them by letting them know that they have to vote within their party (Republicans) because they are registered that way. Dad was like, "But I don't want to vote for any of the Republican candidates. They all suck." I laughed. I was rather proud of him. And Mom too.

Parents are so funny sometimes.
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