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14 February 2008

Happy VD! (hehehe!)

It's Valentine's Day. Woo hooo, right? I'm not a huge VD (hehehe!) person, and this year is actually the first year that The Boy and I are celebrating. In the past we have just had dinner or something, but, since we bailed out on the Christmas gift exchange, we figured we do something special for today. Only, we aren't even celebrating until Saturday. It's funny that way.

My opposition to VD (hehehe!) lies in my opposition to many gift-giving holidays. They are totally commercialized and artificial. Instead of showing people you love them every day, we pick one day out to drown them in pink and red and lavender paraphernalia. What is up with that?How 'bout you do nice things for the people you love every day?

In related news, tomorrow is my parent's 31st anniversary. It is also my grandparent's 60th. And, if they were still with us, my great-grandparent's would be today as well. (There was a fourth generation of 2/15 marriages, but we won't discuss that!) In honor of my grandparents, my mom, the fruitcake, put up a billboard with their picture on it. Since Gram hates to have her picture taken, I was sure that she would kill my mother. But, she didn't. You can read about it below if you like.


So, in the spirit on my mom and dad and grandparents, HAPPY VD!!! (hehehe!)
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