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16 February 2008


Last night was the Wake Forest Black Law Student Association banquet. The Boy presented it as more of a gala than it was, but it was fun nonetheless. I wore my black Marilyn dress and my hair up. I looked hot. I won't lie.

The guest of honor was the first ever black man to serve on the North Carolina Supreme Court. He was pretty great. He lived through segregation and had some fascinating stories to tell about his struggle to become what he is now. It was the best part of the evening. The worst part was the food. I was disappointed. Because it was a Friday during Lent, we weren't permitted to eat meat. The main course, of course, was chicken. The Boy, in all his wisdom, had ordered the vegetaarian plate for us. When the waitress brought it out, two other girls at the table suddenly decided that they were vegetarian too and took the plates. When they realized that we had requested those dishes, they gave me one. The Boy had to wait almost another half an hour for his food. It was mushroom-filled ravioli with a cream sauce and asparagus. My plate had exactly 6 ravioli and six stalks of asparagus. This was the main course. It wasn't much, but it was tasty. When The Boy's food came, he had a whole mound of ravioli and asparagus AND potatoes. Of course, because it had taken so long, the ravioli were rubbery and cold. So, while he had more food, it was cold and poorly done. And, of course, desert was a giant slab of chocolate cake which I couldn't eat because of Lent. We were clearly only two of a very few Catholics in the room. The cash bar was $6 a glass ... no matter what you were drinking. Every place setting had a big 'ole glass of sweet tea next to the water glass. For $30 a plate, we were certainly overcharged.

Hopefully dinner at Undercurrent will be better tonight.

I did get to chat with some of The Boy's professors and friends and the dean of the law school. He was pretty awesome. The first black dean of the law school. Very charismatic and engaging. All in all a great guy.

It was a fun night but not as fantastic as I had hoped. But, all's well that ends well!
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