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13 February 2008

Out of the woods?

So, I think the Ebola may have passed out of my system. How do I know this? I came home this afternoon and cleaned like CRAZY! That is what usually happens after I get over an illness. I get all "nesty" and put things in their proper order. I didn't vacuum, but that is on the agenda for tomorrow night. I cleaned the bedroom, put away two weeks worth of laundry, cleaned the office, put away anything that resembled a Christmas decoration (I figure since it's almost V-Day, I'm safe), cleaned the kitchen, and tidied up in general. I even sorted through some old photos and started to plan a graduation present for a former student. I was rather productive. Go me!

And now it's snowing! Never while living in NY have I been excited for snow, but snow in NC is so much more fun! It means that there is a good chance that the entire state will shut down, and I may get a day off tomorrow. I'm not counting on it, but it would be pretty sweet! Plus, I have a fire going and the houses is nice and cozy! Bailey has spent most of the evening sleeping in front of the fire. It's friggin' adorable.

I met with Mr. Italian Comps man today. What a great meeting! We spent an hour talking about Eliot and Robert Lowell and William Carlos Williams and Wallace Stevens and Ezra Pound. Not being a huge fan of Modernism, I found the conversation WONDERFUL! I left the office feeling rather confident and reassured. It was really great. It made me far less apprehensive and annoyed about this whole comps process. He is going to send me some sample questions and wants me to write up some "free-write"esque responses. We'll talk about them in a few weeks. Kick me for saying this, but I'm actually pretty excited about this now.

A favorite student just called me. She's from Texas, and she's never really been in snow before. She's totally stoked. It was funny!
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