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11 February 2008

Just call me Kiki, and other updates

I made cookies today. Not from scratch, but I decorated them from scratch! Just like The Kikster taught me! I'm so proud. They are Valentine's Day shapes (lots of hearts and "X" and "O" shapes), and I made pink frosting. Kiki flavors hers with almond extract, but, I figured that since they were pink, why not flavor them with raspberry. I must admit that they taste pretty fantastic, even with my jacked up sense of taste right now (due to the Ebola). I dipped some in white chocolate and added pink and white and red sprinkles and candy hearts and crystal sprinkles. They look pretty great. I'm excited about giving them away! The Boy will get most of them, but friends may get some as well. Yeah for cookies! Yeah for Kiki and her mad cookie-frosting skills!

On the Ebola front, things seem to be at a stale mate. I feel the same as I did yesterday. No better, no worse. My good ear (i.e. the one with no tubes in it) seems a bit under pressure right now, and that is a recent development. My nose is rather Rudolph-esque, and I can't breathe with my mouth shut. I'm hoping to get some good sleep tonight. I need it. Ugh. Being sick blows. It seems that ever person I know is sick right now. What is up with that? I really hope it is all gone before the ball on Friday night and our Valentine's Day celebration on Saturday night.

Peace out.
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