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27 May 2008

Cajun Priests and really good pizza

The Boy and I attended 11:30 mass on Sunday for the first time. We are normally Saturday evening or 8:30/10:00am Sunday morning people. Because of the move, our schedule was off a little. It was rather serendipitous that we attended that mass though. It was an amazing mass.

The priest was a visiting priest from a parish down in New Orleans. He was a true Cajun as well. He had the accent and personality and style of a true Cajun. It was fabolous. He had a large booming voice that made the microphone completely pointless. His voice filled the church as he spoke and sang and prayed over the Eucharist. His homily rivalled that of Protestant ministers. He had anecdotes, jokes, and a wonderful point. The homily that he gave was about accepting the Eucharist into one's life as the body and blood of Christ, not simply a representation. (It was, after all, the feast of Corpus Christi.) He spoke a lot about the difference between Protestants and Catholics which I loved because I can clearly relate. His emphasis was on the fact that Jesus told us (through his disciples at the Last Supper) to "Take this and eat it. It is my body which shall be given up for you." When he gave the blood, he told us to "Take this and drink. This is my blood which shall be shed for you. It is the blood of the new and everlasting covenant." When you consider that Christ himself told us to do this literally, not figuratively, it makes complete sense. He didn't tell us to perform a symbolic celebration once a month to dramatize the sacrifice he made. He told us to in fact take Him into our bodies so that we could be filled with his presence and love. I know that I personally feel different in an indescribable way after participating in Communion. It's a feeling that I NEVER had while attending church and taking communion on communion Sunday in my childhood church. I'm sure that part of it is my perspective, but I really do believe in the Catholic teachings on this one. The father's homily really made my feelings clearer and answered those last lingering questions that I had. It really was the best mass I had ever attended. I felt so invigorated and renewed when I left the church that day. It wasa a truly wonderful feeling.

Now ... on to pizza!

The Boy and I went to Sticks and Stones Pizza last night for dinner and it was absolutely amazing! I highly recommend it to EVERYONE. The restaurant is catty-corner from Fish Bones and across the street from the Lindley Filling Station. I can totally walk to it from my house! IT is all of 5 blocks away! All of the pizzas are scratch-made from local and/or organic ingredients. They grow their own herbs (you can see their beds bordering the parking lot!) and the pizzas are beyond description. While we were eating, I told The Boy that these pizzas were as good as his. He looked at me incredulously and said, "No, they're not. They're BETTER!" I didn't want to hurt his feelings because I felt the same. But now we both agreed! We had a bottle of vino verde and two small pizzas as well as dessert and the bill was $50. Not too bad considering half of that price was the bottle of wine! The food really was delicious. I can't say it enough. We all need to go there some night and have a damned good ole time. Perhaps when Kiki is in town in July ...
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