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27 May 2008

The Move

It all started at 6:30am SHARP on Friday morning. The Boy and I leapt out of bed and got started. We picked up the truck (after they gave us a SMALLER truck but yet charged us the same price ... after we had to make two trips with it, they gave us a mileage discount) and got back home to start the packing. Elle picked Bailey up and swept her away so she wouldn't be underfoot. What a lifesaver! Rec Center Drew was there a little before 9 and he and The Boy were throwing things into the truck. When I say "throwing," I mean that they were both so strong that they made it look easy! MealyMel showed up around 9 to help as well! At 9:15am I had to go to the leasing office to pick up the keys because the stupid chicks that I am subletting from refused to do the key exchange on Thursday unless I paid them another day's rent. Umm ... no.(This is one of my moving boxes. Can't people who run major companies afford to pay staff to correct spelling and grammar?)

When I got back to the house, The Boy and Drew had packed most of the truck. And Alan was there too! We got the first truckload around 10:30ish and had it fully unloaded at the new place at around noon. We all headed back to the old place and I got pizza and pop for everyone. Happily, Skillz showed up just after lunch with fresh wind and energy! It really helped. Alan was sick with a cold/flu/thing and MealyMel had been bellydancing the night before. They both were pretty beat, but they both kicked ass! Anyway, Skillz' fresh strength arrived just on time. We finished loading the last load and took it over to the new place. After we unloaded, The Boy and I sent everyone on their way and relieved them of duty. It was 2:57pm.

The Boy and I headed back to the old place to start the stupid clean up process (arguably, the worst part of the move!). We were there until about 6 or so and then we returned home and started unpacking. Before the night was out, most of the kitchen and bedroom were unpacked. We finally collapsed around 10. The Boy slept like a log and I slept fitfully. My body was too tired to rest. Bizarre, huh?

We "sprang" out of bed around 8 and got right back at it. We spent most of the day unpacking and had the mandatory Lowes/Home Depot run for the miscellaneous shit that you always end up needing. We unpacked and unpacked and unpacked and finally went to Fish Bones with Marty and Rae and Laura for dinner. It was a much needed break, and we had a great time.

Sunday morning, we were back at it. The Boy sprang out of bed early and went over to the old place to start cleaning up. I slept in for an extra hour and then got up to start back at it. We unpacked until 11ish and then went to mass (which just so happened to be the best mass I've ever attended) and then returned home for more crap. After mass, we came back home and continued to plug away. We chilled out after unpacking all day and relaxed.

Monday -- Memorial Day -- was more of the same. We got grocery store and ran other errands in the morning and then returned home for more unpacking. After a long day of unpacking and arranging and setting up house, we went to see Indiana Jones and then had dinner at this new pizza place. More on those two later.

But, as of this afternoon, this is what the house looked like:This is my new living room (staring Bailey!)
Another shot of the living room.The dining room. It now has pictures all olong that blank wall.My tiny little kitchen. I like to think of it as "quaint."The new bar room. My new office.Another shot of my new office.My bedroom.More of my bedroom.When I got home from work today, Bailey had left my shoes so nicely and neatly on the couch. Rather funny, I thought.

So, there you have it. My new digs. You like?
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