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11 May 2008

Who has the most wonderful boyfriend ever?

I do! I do!

I went over to The Boy's house last night after making a brief appearance at the EGSA picnic and attending mass. Before I left the 'boro, he called to tell me to bring some essential food stuffs because he was cooking me dinner. I was a bit taken aback because he NEVER cooks at this house and does all of his cooking here at my place. But I don't complain and I do as I'm told. I pack up the bag full of his requests and head over.

When I pull into his driveway, I see that he has set up a table and chairs and candles and flowers in the middle of the back yard. His landlady has quite the English garden going on in the back and the house and yard overlook a small lake with geese and otters and all that. He was making a wonderful dinner (pasta with shrimp and onions and red roasted peppers ...), and he served me outside. It was so romantic and sweet. We had salad afterwards and then had mangoes marinated in tequila for dessert. He can be so amazingly wonderful at times. (Actually, he's more wonderful than not, but I like to give him a hard time.)

He pretty much made my weekend. He's that fantastic.
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