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10 May 2008

Kiki is Ah-MAZING!

Kiki gave birth yesterday to Sawyer Timothy. She was in labor for, no joke, 19 hours! Holy crap! If that is not a testament to the amazingness and kick-ass-ness of the female body, I'm not sure what is. And, Sir Sawyer was no half pint. He was 8lbs. 9oz. That's pretty damn close to 9lbs! Who knew babies could be that big nowadays. Kiki was amazing. She stayed strong and focused and brought life into the world without looking back. She really is pretty kick-ass. But she knew that already. Things didn't go exactly as she had planned/hoped but she adjusted well and made the decisions that were best for her and Sawyer and no one else. That is what is important. I am really proud of her.

The events of yesterday really put things in perspective. I think about the struggle that Kiki and Rob went through to bring a miracle into the world, and my own "crises" pale in comparison. I mean, seriously. Is packing and moving and studying all that difficult? Is being poor and worried about money all that significant on the grand scheme of things? Not so much. Her labor and delivery just shows how we struggle to be in the world and how badly we want to be here and be a part of this miracle. It really makes everything else so insignificant. I mean, two days ago, there was no Sawyer. Today, he is a living, breathing, tiny miracle eager to grow up and be loved. Everything else is unimportant. Really. Maybe I'm just being sappy, but the perspective is nice.

(Of course, hearing about this hellacious delivery only solidifies my desire to have no babies. I mean, if I weighed 8+lbs. at birth and The Boy weighed 9+lbs. at birth, our kid would be like a 10 pounder. No freakin' way! But I do love babies. Especially when they belong to someone else!)

So, cheers to Sawyer and Kiki and Rob (and Tex and Ollie). The happy family!

Sawyer Timothy
8lbs. 9oz.
21 inches long
6:09pm May 9th, 2008

Welcome to the world!
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