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04 May 2008

A nice and fat weekend

This weekend was relaxing. I went to the Derby Party with The Boy and he got to see his old UNC chums from way back in grad school. It was weird. I have heard a million stories about these people, and it was totally bizarre to put faces with those names and legends. It was a blast though. We stayed there until about 8:30 or so and then headed over to Skillz' place for an After-Derby Party. It was all-in-all a good time.

My diet regime has been completely debunked this past week and weekend. My busted up toe (which is really close to healed but not yet completely) has made it impossible to wear shoes that cover the toe. This means no working out. I've worked hard to keep the feasting down to make up for the missed workouts, but that is not easy when The Boy is here. We like to eat! He likes to cook! Lots of booze and good food! I don't feel too badly about it though. I made really great progress that first week, so I am not too beat down about it!

Well, off to Monday!
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