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31 May 2008

The Chronicles of Bailey

Bailey has fleas. Or, rather, she had fleas. And a tick. I was super-pist.

Now that we live near the park, she and I go walking everyday at least once. Today on the last leg of our walk, I decided to let her run off-leash and play fetch. We wrestled and played and had a grand ole time. She was even bespeckled with mulberry stains from the berries that had fallen from the trees. She looks like a purple and grey leopard. It's pretty funny. When we got back to the house, I took her leash off and saw a TICK on my HAND. It hadn't bitten me yet, so I flicked it as hard as I could into the grass. Killing it would have creeped me out way too much. It was big, too. Like the size of an eraser on a pencil. As soon as we got inside, I did the "belly check" on The Beast to see if any had latched on to her. Instead I found 4 FLEAS. Thankfully no ticks had latched onto her yet because I would have been totally skeeved out at taking care of THAT problem. B hasn;t been on flea and tick preventive because 1.)we lived alone and there was really no other dog-on-dog contact and 2.) we never really played in any taller grass because there was none around. Totally different story now. Needless to say, I whisked her off to the vet (thankfully they were open until noon!) and gave her an immediate dose of Frontline to prevent fleas and Lyme disease from ticks.

Now she is shivering on the floor because of the thunderstorm.

Stupid dog.
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