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01 May 2008

How does she do that?

So Bailey has figured out how to open the screen door. She has done it twice now. While I'm gone, she gets the door open and investigates what is out on the porch. She doesn't tear the screen or anything, but she somehow manages to get it open. Then, of course, she drags the shit from the porch into the house. I get home and clean it up. We have a nice routine.


My toe is still jacked up. It hurts like hell. And I can't wear real shoes. I'm forced to wear flip flops (which I loathe) because I can't put my foot into a shoe. (I had to go"Kia shopping" today -- I bought 2 for $5 flip flops at Old Navy. I own one pair of ratty old flip flops that actually hurt to walk in.) This means that I can't work out. Which means my 5-pound weight loss from last week will most likely not be repeated this week.


I've packed a TON of shit. The hall closet is filled with boxes. I've packed all of the pictures and frames that aren't awkward sizes and shapes. I've packed all of my candles. I've packed all of my backer's rack and vases. I've packed all of my linens and bedding (except those ON my bed). I still have a ton more to do, but I have designated certain packing areas to be the responsibility to The Boy. He can take care of the bar area and all of the glasses. He'll also be helping with the mountain of books. But I am making good headway. If I keep going at this pace, the whole place will be packed up neatly in time for the move!


My dad's appointment went well today. He's scheduled for surgery on the 28th. I would like to be home for it, but it just isn't really possible at this point. But I could cash in some frequent flyer miles ... We'll have to investigate that option.
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