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01 June 2009

A break from packing ... a catch-all blog

Today has been productive. I've packed a bunch and have given away quite a bit of stuff to the Goodwill. Hopefully more will be given away before the week is out. I picked up extra boxes at the grocery store (apple boxes are PERFECT for books) and a pickle bucket to house the fish until the tank is set up in the new place. They'll hate it, but they'll survive. Hopefully.


I've discovered Bailey's hidden talent. You wouldn't know it from looking at her, but she is a fly hunting and killing machine! She just totally hunted and killed a fly that was buzzing around the living room. It was pretty awesome. She caught it and then smacked her lips together as she ate it down. It was pretty gross but mucho spectacular all at the same time!


I've decided to give the neighbor girl my flowering plants. I'll be keeping the herbs and trees and whatnot, but I'm just not in the mood to screw with the flowers. The porch looks pretty, but I have less direct sunlight in the new place. I'm okay with parting ways with them.


I ran a ton of errands this morning. I met my new tenant at the leasing company first thing in the morning, dropped off three pair of shoes at the cobbler, a ton of stuff at the dry cleaner, stopped by work to talk to my manager about my last day, registered for the fall semester, and, as stated before, hit the Goodwill. I also stopped at the Franciscan Center and bought a picture of the Sacred Heart of Christ and the Sacred Heart of Mary and a beautiful copy of the prayer of St. Francis. I also picked up a little present for Kiki. She'll get that in the mail soon. All this before noon. I'm impressed with myself!!


Finally, a little personal inquiry. So, about five months ago, the dermatologist put me on birth control for my acne break outs. I stuck with it for three months until I was totally fed up with it. It wasn't helping, and I was having a ton of break-through bleeding. So I went off the pill about 6 weeks ago. I have yet to have a period. Is that normal? Not that I'm complaining because we all know how much fun the monthly visit is, but it's kinda weird. (And, no, I'm not preggers because The Boy was fixed looooong ago.) I'm hoping that by writing about this, it will invoke the beast and jinx me so that my period starts. But it's still pretty weird. Thoughts?
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