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19 July 2010

Birthday celebrations

Sunday afternoon was my NY birthday celebration (even though my actual birthday is on Tuesday) with the family and friends. It was a great time, and the weather was absolutely gorgeous. All of my siblings were there as well as all of their children (except my eldest nephew who had to work), and my grandparents were present too. There were lots of family friends and long-lost people who I haven't connected with in a very long time. Mom, as usual, made a TON (literally, Kiki) of food and Dad cooked his awesome chicken. Mmmmmm ... Everyone was very well fed and sated. The kids swam for hours in the pool, and the majority of adults sought shade from the hot sun. There was a wonderful breeze which kept things comfortable. I still managed to get a little sunburned, but it was an all-in-all great day.

The balloon release was pretty cool as well. It took everyone a little pushing to get excited and involved, but once all of the balloons were released, it was pretty cool. I'm eager to see if people actually find my balloons and respond here. The balloons were caught in a very good breeze so hopefully they carried far!

My amidst my balloons.

A birthday basket from my sister. Does my family know me or what?

An orchid from Kyra. It will look great with my orchid at home!

Me and my gram. 

The balloon release. 

Filling the sky with wishes. 

The best thing about the whole day was that I didn't have a birthday hangover today! It's so easy to get ill when out in the sun and drinking cocktails. Smartly, I had very little to drink yesterday. Only a few glasses of wine with friends and some champagne later in the evening.  

Another great thing about the party was reconnecting with some people I hadn't seen in a very long time. Like the Mussons. They've been in Germany for the last four (five?) years and are finally back in the States. 

And Andy and Jane, some of The Boy's friends from his professor days. 

All in all, a very good day. Thanks to Mom and Dad for doing so much for my big day!
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