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10 July 2010

Plant update

Happily, all of the plants survived my vacation. Shannon came over and watered them once while I was gone, and the sun didn't fry them. Yeah! The tomato plants are growing quite well and have produced quite a few tomatoes. For some reason, my strawberry plant has stopped producing fruit. Not really sure why that has happened because it was producing decent fruit earlier. 

My tomatoes, rosemary, and strawberries. There were bright red tomatoes on them this morning, but I decided to take the picture afterwards. D'oh!

My new pot of succulents. I arranged and potted each of these little guys. I've given up on growing potted plants because the sun is so damn hot! I like it though. 

My portulaca. It's a succulent and very drought resistant. 

I love this one little yellow flower surrounded by all of the other pinks.

Okay. This is an absolutely horrible picture, and I'm a bit embarrassed by it. But it does show that my orchid is getting ready to bloom again!!! I haven't had blooms on it since last fall, so I'm pretty excited that it is coming back! I'll post pics of the blooms as soon as they appear.
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