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10 July 2010


This is Fish. I bought him early last spring when I was still working at Elon. Burke the Beta had died, and I wanted a new beta. So I got this guy. He survived well in his little bowl. He survived the move to the new apartment and new job. He survived a two-week vacation to Spain. (The vacation was mine. He wasn't fed once while I was gone.) He has survived multiple one-week and weekend-long trips without being fed or watered.

I admit it. I'm a horrible fish mother. I never clean his water, and I usually forget to feed him. More than 75% of the time, there is a nasty film coating the top of his water. When I go on vacation, I never arrange for someone to feed him, and I don't leave a feeding tablet in his tank. When I got home from Spain, I was convinced that he was dead because the water was so murky and thick! But he wasn't!! He's invincible, I tell you! Before we left for VA Beach, he was on his last legs. His little head was buried in the marbles at the bottom, and he wasn't swimming all that much. I didn't have the heart to flush him until he was totally dead, and, when I returned home, he was swimming around and happy again.

I decided to reward him for his endurance by cleaning his bowl. The bowl is all clean now, and now he'll probably kick it. We'll see. :)

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