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07 July 2010

Mid-vacation update

Well, at this very moment, I am sitting in a quiet house. Alone. With The Beast. Everyone is gone right now. EVERYONE. My sister and her family headed home this morning. My brother and his wife took three of the kids to a water park. My other brother and his wife took their daughter to Build-A-Bear. Mom and Dad went shopping. My older nephew and niece went to the boardwalk to hang out. The Boy has driven to Newport News to visit family. And I am at "home." In peace. And Quiet. Ahhhhhhhh....

Aside from the constant noise (and, believe me, nine kids ranging between 5 and 19 make A LOT of noise), the vacation has been a good time. Of course there have been tense times because that happens when you throw 19 people into a house for a week. But, for the most part, everyone has gotten along really well. The kids have had a great time playing with each other and hanging out. The adults have had a good time reconnecting and relaxing. I've had fun playing with my nieces and nephews in the pool and in the ocean. B has been a bundle of nerves, but she is currently passed out on the couch.

The fireworks on the 4th of July were pretty cool. We could see four different fireworks displays from the crow's nest on top of the house. I attempted to take some pictures, and they turned out okay. Everyone enjoyed the fireworks except for B. She never likes them. I don't really know many dogs who do.

Not too sure what is planned for the rest of the week. Mom and Dad are planning on leaving tomorrow around 3pm, and that will just leave us and the brothers. Hopefully lots of relaxing.

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