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27 July 2010

So "hair" is what I'm thinking ...

I'm still working on the hair issue. The humidity has been killing my tresses (think major frizz as soon as I open the front door!), and I'm tired of the non-stop ponytail. So I did some Google searching for hairstyles.

I like these styles, and I think the curl will work well with what I already have. First is Charlize Theron.  I like the length and the organized messiness that she has going on. Of course I haven't quite mastered the "smoldering" look yet, but I'll keep trying.

I really like how she (or, more accurately, her stylist) has it sleeked down in this pic. Very 40s.

I also like Elisabeth Shue's (remember her?!?) cut from a while back. 

Similar to Charlize's but a little shorter. Not too sure why this pic is blurry. Hmmm ...

Minus the sex-pot clothes, I really like her hair here. 

So that is what I'm thinking for the mane. I'm definitely ready for something different different. And shorter. It's too damn hot down here for this long hair o' mine. 


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