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24 April 2008

Here's the plan

My Weight Loss Strategy

-Exercise EVERY DAY!! This can be a full-fledged workout or simply taking Bailey for a nice walk. In theory, I plan to work out with weights and intense cardio on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday (?) at the gym and do the hot yoga thing on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. On Saturdays I plan to go for long walks with B and The Boy at the park. Plus, now that the weather is getting better, I plan to get some serious hiking in!
-Weigh myself on Wednesday mornings at 6am and keep track of that weight carefully.
-I will get a good night’s sleep EVERY NIGHT. That means in bed by 10:30pm and up around 5:30am. That should suffice.

-Eat regular meals every day. That means breakfast, lunch, and dinner EVERY DAY. No skipping meals or eating popcorn for dinner.
-Keep snacking to a minimum. And, when I do need a snack, make it healthy. Fresh fruit and veggies, homemade popcorn (with LIMITED salt and butter), nuts … No more than three little snack per day (mid-morning and mid-afternoon and MAYBE after dinner if I’m really good!)
-Limit eating out for lunches/dinners to once or twice a week.
-PORTION CONTROL!!!! Eat meals on my smaller plates so I can trick my mind (and stomach) into thinking that I am eating more than I really am. This really works, but I’ve gotten out of the habit.
-Cut down dramatically on candy and chocolate (*tear*).

-Drink lots of water!! Even if I have to spruce it up with cucumbers or strawberries or lime …
-When I am craving soda (which is being cut out as well), I will have a cup of hot tea. I will not buy soda or other caffeinated/carbonated beverages at the grocery store.
-Limit my alcohol consumption to weekends only and even then 2 drink maximum. (*tear*)

Most importantly ...
-I will not beat myself up when I screw up, but I will get right back on the wagon and keep going!

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