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23 April 2008

Let the games begin

So my birthday gift to myself is to lose twenty pounds. My birthday is roughly three months away and I set 18 pounds as my goal. Of course, I am shooting for 20 but will be pleased with 18. If I make my goal, Happy birthday to me!!! If I do not make my goal, I will be cutting four $50 checks. One to Kia, one to Melissa, one to Kirsten, and one to the John McCain campaign fund. (Brandy refused to accept my money so I figure donating her share to the McCain campaign--ugh--will be a good incentive to lose weight and lose it quickly!!)

I'm looking forward to this. I really feel ready to lose some weight and get healthy again. I hit the gym this morning in a new sports bra (as well gym clothes on top!) and a fully charged iPod and felt really good afterwards. I'm actually looking forward to giving hot yoga another try tomorrow.

Now if only I can curb all of my munchies and food problems. That's the hardest part!!
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