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28 April 2008

When it rains, it pours

Picture this ...

I'm driving down Spring Garden in a down pour. I'm on my way home from school to eat lunch and get ready for Job #2. Suddenly, the car starts to shimmy and I lose all power. I think that I'm hydroplaning. I slow down to figure it out, and, when I start speeding up again, there is still no power and my RPMs are VERY high. I have the haunting feeling that a breakdown is just around the corner so I try to find a place to pull over. Of course, there is no place handy because it is Spring Garden at lunch time. I end up stalled out in the turning lane with the flashers on, waiting for AAA.

When AAA shows up, this really nice old tow-truck guy (not the sketchy skeevy kind that normal show up) loads the car and offers to pull into a gas station so he can check if the serpentine belt (?) was shot. He then suggests that we fill the gas tank in case the gauge was off (I knew I needed to get gas but I was still above the orange line and the lit had yet to come on) and I was simply out of gas. Of course, neither of those two were the problem. Then he suggests that I take the car to a local mechanic rather than the dealer. Never having had major repairs done before, I automatically told AAA to tow me to the dealer for the repair. But I followed this guy's suggestion because he seemed like a really nice old dude. So, right now, my car is across the street at the mechanic's and I am waiting to hear the verdict.

Whatever the verdict is, I am praying that it doesn't cost a bazillion dollars.
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