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22 April 2008

The Queen of the West Bank is a Masochist, Or, Who Wants to Make $50?!?!

I went to hot bikram yoga with Brandy today at 6am, and it kicked my ass. It was a bazillion degrees in there, and I was operating on roughly 4 1/2 hours of sleep. Today's lesson: Sleep well and drink LOTS of water before participating in sauna yoga! Seriously, I almost passed out once. But I pushed through and feel really good about it. I feel ready to take on the day (except for the shaky muscles thing. But that should fade soon.)

My 6am yoga adventure and my vacation at the beach has finally kicked my ass into gear. I am going to get back into being healthy! Working out EVERY DAY, eating better, being less lazy. Last fall, I looked fantastic. I was slimmer and my clothes were fitting better, and I was super happy with myself. Now, not so much. I'm not unhappy with myself, but I know that I could be better. I sit around too much and eat too much crap. My mom and I had a long conversation about this, and, since she is deciding to do better, so will I!

So here is what I need from you. Here is where you get to earn $50! How? you ask. It's never been so simple. You just hold me accountable. If I don't lose the weight I want in the time Is et, you get $50. If I do lose the weight, I get to be thinner and keep my cash. And, as we all know, grad school makes us poor and every penny counts, right?!

The first four people to respond in the affirmative wanting to participate will be the ones I contract with. All you have to do is respond through comments or emails to tell me that you are on board. Once everyone is game (and I have a new scale because it broke today! WTF?!? -- but not because I stepped on it!! It just doesn't work. I don't need to lose THAT much weight! :P), the contract will begin!

Looking forward to hearing from you all!!!

Yeah for being healthy again!!!
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