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30 April 2008

Taking a break from packing

As the boxes pile up around me (I've packed 10 in the last few hours! Go me!), I realize that I'm pretty stoked about my new place. And stressed! I move in 23 days!!! I have all of ten boxes packed and MANY more to go. I've lived here for two full years. I'm rather settled. I have a ton of shit! I can't even begin to comprehend how much crap will accumulate after 5 or 10 or 20 years of living in one place. How do people do it?

Anyway, the new place should prove to be friggin' awesome. It is a two-story duplex 0.9 miles from campus along Spring Garden. There are two bedrooms and a bath upstairs and a "bedroom" downstairs. Of course, this "bedroom" is just a really large room with a closet. It has no actual door to close. Just an opening. Since it is directly off the kitchen, it will serve as the dining room. The "dining room" is a very small space so I will use that for my baker's rack and my church pew. I'll be using the back bedroom upstairs as my bedroom (I think) and the front bedroom as an office. Although the front bedroom has a ceiling fan and that would be nice to have in the bedroom. But the front of the house faces the street and that could be noisy at night. We'll have to figure things out. There are tons of closets and storage areas throughout the place, so I'm pretty stoked about that. The best thing about it is that I can keep The Beast wrangled downstairs all day while I am gone because the rooms upstairs all have doors! No more "dog-proofing" the entire apartment. I am totally cashing in my parking deck pass and plan to walk to campus as much as possible. You know, doing my thing to help both the environment, my wallet, and my waistline! One of the best things about the whole deal is that the new place is about 50 sq. ft. bigger than my current place and is $200 cheaper a month. No joke. God has seriously smiled down on me.

The best thing is that when people come to visit (Kiki, Bo, the brothers, the 'rents), they can have their own room to crash in without worrying about The Beast bothering them. That, my friends, is fantastic!

Well, back to boxing shit up.

(P.S. My dad has his doctor's appointment tomorrow with the specialist. It would be great if you would all say a prayer for him tonight. Thanks!)
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