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04 June 2008

Another reason I love being Catholic...

Tonight I attended "Theology on Tap." It is a function sponsored by the local parishes where we all get together (adults only) at Natty Greene's, drink beer, eat food, and discuss some issue of the Church's teaching. Only in a Catholic church would this type of event EVER be endorsed by the Church "powers."

We talked about "EVIL" tonight. How it manifests, what it is, why we even need to be aware of it. It all boils down to free will and acknowledging that there is temptation (whether it is the work of the devil is irrelevant). Knowing that evil is out there prepares us to be ready to confront it and avoid it. While I didn't need a speaker to inform me of this, it was cool to get out there and meet other people from other parishes. I may have even made a new friend!! Go me!!
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